Link Building and Link Quality by Semalt expert Ivan Konovalov

Editors note: Ivan Konovalov is the customer success manager at Semalt. Company has over 10 000 successful clients and always moving forward with the best seo technologies.
Search engines do a good job of ranking websites higher that are of greater value to a visitor's search query.

As search engines can send as much as 60 percent of free traffic to your site, there is no reason not to build links to your site and enjoy this big piece of free traffic.

The subject of link building is vast in itself, and you will learn it with time and as you keep on experimenting.

However, there is some information that is essential for you to learn to get started and to avoid the more common pitfalls.

Why Link Building Is Important

If you wanted to get something like a refrigerator, what would you do in such a scenario?

You would probably find a store where you can buy the product, whether that be through offline or online merchants.

The only possibility of you going to a store and buying a refrigerator without asking anyone for their recommendation is when you know how to make an informed decision.

You will choose an option based on your experience, your preferences, or possibly through a recommendation from a friend or family member. However, if you are buying a refrigerator for the first time in your life, and you want to make an informed decision, what would you do? Most likely, you will look for some recommendation from someone who is knowledgeable on buying a refrigerator. You will trust that person's judgment and move on with your purchase, right?
The World Wide Web is a huge place. When search engines have to answer a visitor's query, they look on the web for matching results. Since there are a lot of websites that can offer the same information, it is hard for the search engines to rank the best sites high up in the order of search results. In such a scenario, links help.
Let's say that you have a travel website where you provide services on booking tickets and accommodations in various hotels across your country. Now, if you have incoming links to your site from some of the leading airlines or hotels, it would greatly benefit your website and help you to gain a higher ranking on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) when compared to other sites that are similar to yours. Links are equivalent to trust.
When two sites are similar in content, the one that gets the higher ranking is the site that has built the most trust with the search engines.

When you create links to other websites, you are sharing experience and trust among each other on your subject matter. Search engines love linking.

Inbound And Outbound Links

Inbound links are those links that are incoming from other websites, while outbound links refer to those that send a visitor from your website to some other internet site.
Inbound links show how much the other website trusts you and outbound links show how much trust you put on the other site.

Link Quality

Quality is always important to humans, and it is also something that the search engines place value on.

Their aim is to present the most relevant and important results to a user's query while cutting out the weeds or the middlemen of the bunch.

This means that they make sure that you are getting the right results from the right places at all times.

What is link quality?

This is an important factor that helps search engines determine the quality and trustworthiness of a website.

When you build links to your site, it is important that they come from trustworthy and high-quality sites.

As there are endless websites on a given topic for your website to link out to and get links in return, and eventually gain high ranking on the search results pages, it is vital that those links are from top notch sites in a given category.

Semalt links from high-quality sites are a sign that such websites trust you and these incoming links tell the search engines that your website might also have something useful for a consumer to look at.

This is the kind of recommendation that you would seek when buying a refrigerator, as discussed above.

You only value recommendations on an individual subject by someone who is an authority on that particular subject.

The more high-quality incoming links that you can manage to get to your site, the better your rankings will be!